The 2X4 panel lights come in two different wattage options which are. In your commercial space, lighting is one of the key aspects to retain clients or employees. Organizations such as UL have introduced safety standards to help users replace their tubes safely. If you already have T8 fluorescent tubes and fixtures in place, it can be as simple as swapping those bulbs with LED bulbs without the need to do a ballast bypass as it has an Integrated Driver for use on Existing Fluorescent Ballast. From functional kitchen ceiling lights to fashion forward hanging kitchen lights – we have the lighting to fit your style, taste and budget. To have them at their most efficient a ballast bypass is required. A Cool “white “ color is ideal for office and shop lights. 5000K Daylight Linear Hanging Light for Warehouse, 6 Lamp Fluorescent Fixture Replacement, 1-10V Dim, UL Complied Zoplite $69.99 These 2 x 4 LED Troffers are also available with a dimmable option. Covering a wide range of topics, his knowledge and experience allows him to see past the packaging and find the best products for the money. offers a wide selection of wall pack lighting including metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and LED wall packs. By contrast, a high Kelvin figure like 4000k means the color is cool and white in appearance. Showing 7 of 7. Replace your fixtures with LED panel lights. One of the reasons LED troffers are great is because they help relieve eye strain at work. but, if your fixtures work with T8 bulbs then you have to convert them to T12 first before LED tubes can be put in. To bypass an LED tube ballast is a few easy steps, but we would recommend that you use a qualified electrician. You’ll find them in offices, warehouses, schools, residential, and industrial spaces, but as technology has progressed LED lighting has turned the tide. offers cutting edge LED 2x4 recessed troffers and LED panel lights from brand names like Lithonia Lighting, Philips, ProLED, CREE and more. Browse, How To Convert Fluorescent Tube Lights to LED, Hyperikon T8/T10/T12 8ft Ballast By-Pass Tubes Lights. 3rd Place: Advanced … Highly energy-efficient and long-lasting, these panel lights are suitable for a wide variety of locations. On the other hand, temperatures of above 5000k produce a glow resembling daylight. So, if you are pondering with the idea of converting fluorescent fixtures to LED lights in your office etc read on. Many people convert to LED lamps because they have a much longer lifespan, are a brighter light and are a lot more energy efficient. Available in different color tempertures, this panel will set the mood whether you are reading a book, in the office, or just about everyday activities. 1,443 2x4 led light fixtures products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which led ceiling lights accounts for 2%, chandeliers & pendant lights accounts for 1%. David Willis, a self-confessed LED addict. To help a little more, here we will answer the questions that we at LED Light Guides get asked the most. Light up your home with beautiful lighting options from Menards®! 2X4 panel light comes in two lumen options of 6500 and 7000 lumens. About 2x4 LED Troffers. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Saturday – Sunday: 11:00am – 3:00pm. David has been testing the latest LED technology both professionally and around the home for the last 8 years. All Right Reserved. This method appeals to users with existing T12 lamp holders. As this is still using the old fixture without bypassing it will reduce the saving on energy to some degree. The good thing is that the bulbs are labeled on the end or, if you can’t find the label, you can just measure the diameter of the bulbs to know the type you need. Fluorescent bulbs where once the most popular lighting fixtures in the world. CA 92234, Phone: 760-262-3066 For example, the initial “T” means the fluorescent fixture comes in a tubular shape and the number next to the ”T” is the estimated diameter in inches. It fulfills your lighting needs with a total capacity to reduce 100% to 10% of light with a simple touch of a dimmer switch. This lighting is ideal for spaces such as a garage, high-security areas, displays, etc. LED Light Panels - 2x4 Start saving money on energy and maintenance costs by switching out less efficient fluorescent troffers with these 2x4 LED panels that consume less power and last years longer. We hope you now have a good understanding of the various fittings and are armed with the knowledge you need. If you need a full and extensive guide on replacing light tubes with the direct wire method, be sure to check out this epic guide on Atlanta Light Bulbs. When it comes to choosing the best light for your kitchen, first, think about how that lighting will be used. If you purchase a UL Type A LED tube you can simply replace old for new, just make sure that the connections (bi pins on the end) for the lamp holders are the same. They come with either LED arrays or LED tubes, whichever you prefer. Hykolity 2x4 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 50W 5000K Recessed Back-Lit Drop Ceiling Light, 550… THESE ARE THE BASIC STEPS ONLY PLEASE RESEARCH CORRECTLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING. This option allows the user to bypass the use of a ballast circuit as the wiring passes through the line voltage instead. Everyone loves LEDs, but believe me when I say that not all LEDs are the same. If you look around your local shops or workplace, you’re likely to spot more CFL, Compact Fluorescent Lamp fittings than incandescent bulbs. 2x4 LED Lights & Panels LED lighting uses less energy to produce more illumination. LED Chandeliers LED Pendants LED Ceiling Lights LED Wall Sconces LED Bathroom Lighting LED Outdoor Lighting LED Landscape Lighting LED Recessed Lighting LED Under Cabinet Lighting LED Track Lighting LED Panels LED Accent / Spot Lights LED Lamps LED Light Bulbs LED Island Lights LED Emergency Lighting View All LED Lighting We offer 2x4 LED troffer lights in various lamp numbers as well, including 2 lamps, 3 lamps, and 4 lamps. Edge-lit technology and an opaque acrylic lens ensure uniform illumination without visible bulbs or shadows. Choose from 2x4 LED troffer lights in a variety of wattage capacities, ranging from 32 watts to 72 watt LED options, as well as variations in lumen outputs and volt options of 100-277 and 120-277, depending on your lighting needs. Some of these advantages are discussed below. A wide variety of 2x4 led light fixtures options are available to you, such as lighting and circuitry design, project installation, and … TCP lighting manufactures & distributes legacy & led lighting for commercial & residential. Therefore it is important for you to choose the right kind of panel lights for the prosperity of your business. However, if you do use a direct fit the ballast will still use energy and add to costs. 2FT LED High Bay Shop Light,155W 21700lm 140LM/W [400W Equiv.} They give property managers more options when replacing their old lighting system. Whether you are looking for low wattage, high wattage, warm white or cool white, you can find the perfect style of 2 x 4 LED Troffers to suit your needs at PROLIGHTING. LED Panel lights are highly energy-efficient because LEDs convert almost 95% of the electricity consumed into light and only 5% of it is wasted as heat. You need to know the existing infrastructure first to ensure your fluorescent tube replacements are correct and fit. Can I put LED bulbs in a fluorescent fixture? Kit Includes: 2 - TL6090 (Center Headlight, Hi/Lo Beam) 4 - TL6080 (Outer Headlight) 8 - TL3035 (Stubble Lights, Grain Tank, Unloading Auger, & Field Lights) Collection: 2x4 LED Panel Light Fixture - Dimmable. Designed with durable features such as shatter-resistant glass to protect each fixture from bad weather, wall packs are an excellent solution for security lighting and parking lots. Choosing the Right LED Replacement Method. Replacing your older lighting for the new LED fixtures and tubes with a better lumen rating can also occur via the T8 electronic ballast method, in this case, the tubes are compatible. No time to read through, well here are our top 3 favorite picks for you to check out on Amazon see if they’re suitable: Here are 4 best LED replacement tube options you should consider. 2x4 FT White LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 50W 4000K Recessed Back-Lit Drop Ceiling Light, 5250l… Although quite straightforward, it is electricity and the safety procedures must be followed to ensure correct fitting, do not put yourself or your staff and customers at risk. But, using an existing fluorescent fixture is not as efficient due to the ballast needing to be replaced before the LED itself, which is cheaper than having to replace the lamp holders but does mean slightly more maintenance. Toll Free: 866-590-3533 Same Day Shipping* If placed by 3pm CST. LED Panel Light 2X4 50W 5000K Dimmable With Battery Back Up (2-Pack) FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99. Philips is the primary Signify brand for lamps and luminaires, and one of the most respected in the industry. For example, if the electronic circuit fails, there’s an option to make a direct connection by bypassing the electronic ballast circuit. 07.Another important feature is that all casing is heat sink and there is no fan n this light so that you can enjoy quite environment in … Ideally, you would want to use the same fixtures due to cost and time considerations of changing the fluorescent fixtures. How to convert 4ft fluorescent light to LED, Color temperature measurement is in Kelvin (K), check out this epic guide on Atlanta Light Bulbs, See Our Top 10 Recommended LED T8 Bulbs →, check out the Philips LED Master on Amazon, What Are LED Color Temperatures (Kelvins). Again, use the services of a professional especially if you are in a commercial situation with a lot of fixtures. This light is rated for 2x4 feet of coverage and it uses the same LEDs and driver as HLG, but it’s priced a bit lower. Our selection of LED outdoor commercial lights will complement any business or commercial area. These tubes work with T8 electronic ballast but can also be wired directly to the voltage line of the power source. With T8 tubes it can be as simple as take the old tube out and put the new LED in. With our selection of 2x4 LED flat panel light fixtures, add some powerful illumination to your space! Quality-guaranteed factory direct LED lighting for commercial, industrial, and municipal lighting projects, including Buy American Compliant lighting products. Non-shunted rapid tombstone tubes are compatible with T12 sockets. Our elegant chandeliers will create a dramatic focal point in any room. We are a total lighting solutions provider. It is one of the most versatile and efficient lighting solutions on the market. The differences are definitely beneficial, for example, they have a longer lifespan that ranges between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, they are a lot more energy-efficient, along with offering better light quality and lumen output while being cheaper to maintain and they also contain no mercury. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no choice but to go through a costly conversion process before these newer tubes can work on the existing infrastructure. Color temperature measurement is in Kelvin (K) and most colors range from 2500 to 6500k.A lower Kelvin figure means the color is warm and tends to be closer to orange.. By contrast, a high Kelvin figure like 4000k means the color is cool and white in appearance. If you are going to replace fluorescent light with LED lighting you must take into consideration the color temperature. No, you do not need a ballast with LED lights to regulate current. All these bulbs can be used vice versa so long as they share the same bi-pin connections on the base (the 2 pins at the end of the tube) and have the right milliamp (power supply) requirements. Find LED shop lights at Lowe's today. Commercial LED Lighting Wall Packs. This in turn also proves to be beneficial for the environment because less electricity gets demanded from the grid this reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Remember, your choice will depend on your budget, preference and your current fluorescent fixture. A lower Kelvin figure means the color is warm and tends to be closer to orange. This is a new way of converting that has become very popular due to the ease. LED lights, components and LED products including car bulbs, household bulb, light strips, accent lighting and more. These fixtures are available in a range of color temperatures, allowing you to customize the lighting … They are by far the easiest conversion option but will cost more than all the mentioned options. This is all due to their bright and uniform lighting that doesn’t fade the farther it gets from the source. Once you know the kind of tube, the next step is to find the type of ballas. Surface mount led flat panel offers a lot of advantages over conventional fluorescent panels. so no rewiring is required. Be it your office or any other place, these panel lights will give you quality lighting no matter what. For instance, the more popular and often the best, T8 LED lamps have a one-inch diameter (1/8). Update all of your light fixtures with highly efficient LED light bulbs. The Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a modern quantum board LED grow light. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon (.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. The main reason for this change is the clear benefits that LED technology offers. Locate the ballast and cut the live (hot) and neutral wires. You can also take the option of replacing with hybrid LED tubes. 2x4 LED troffer light fixtures are the standard for drop-in ceiling grids used in offices everywhere. The LEDs are Samsung LM301B and the driver is Mean Well – a high quality industry standard driver. Cheap LEDs often lack brightness, emit uneven light, lose power over time or break entirely. In addition to lighting fixtures, Menards® offers a variety of other LED products. The simple answer is yes you can put an led bulbs in a fluorescent fixture, but you must work out which type of fluorescent tube and fixtures that you have for your lighting. From garden solar LEDs, to security lights. It’s easy to install them as you only need to pull out the old and fit the new. Retain the troffer footprint while upgrading to a sleek, … We’re yet to review this product in full, but if you’re looking for the best of the best in universal fit tube replacements then check out the Philips LED Master on Amazon. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad6133afa3a517da9400b0d2933bee31" );document.getElementById("f633255f97").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If headaches are an issue, or even stress or alertness, these guys can help with those too. You also have to know if your fixtures are T12 or T8 beforehand. Choose from a wide range of tones, wattages and styles from RAB, Simkar or Maxlite. Mon — Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm In this guide, we highlight the important things you should know when replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. Menards® offers stylish lighting fixtures for every room in your home, in any style you can imagine. LED Panel Light Fixtures and Troffers. Poor lighting reflects upon your business practices and casts a bad light on your choices. Luxrite 4-Pack 2x4 FT LED Panel Lights is great drop ceiling light fixtures that provides a high luminous efficiency with only a fraction of the power used. We reviewed the best LED grow lights on the market as of November 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best LED lamp for your grow. But you must confirm the ballast compatibility. If you are unable to find the label for whatever reason, you can just measure to find the correct diameter size. Most are made in the USA and have excellent warranties. LED Lighting Supply 2X4 LED Panels are designed as a replacement for fluorescent tube drop ceiling fixtures that contain fluorescent tubes. In other words, LED tubes will only work if they are compatible with your existing fixtures. Yet, replacing the fluorescent light fixtures can be a bit more complicated because the technologies are not compatible on their own. LED Light Guides is the webs number 1 resource for LED reviews and resources. You only need to remove your old bulbs before replacing them with LEDs so you will not be incurring the cost of replacing the old fluorescent fixtures. Color rendering index is the measure of a light’s ability to render colors as they are truly supposed to be. Choose your favorite color and style to match your home and create the ambiance you want. In a nutshell, these challenges are the reason why some people have been deterred from replacing their fluorescent fixtures. Illuminate your offices indoor areas by the energy-efficient 2x4 LED flat panel lights. Enjoy a cool breeze during the warmer months with our LED ceiling fans. Color temperature measurement is in Kelvin (K) and most colors range from 2500 to 6500k. Maybe you have a home office or kitchen and want to convert your 4ft fluorescent light to LED. LED Panel Light 2X4 50W 5000K Dimmable With Battery Back Up (2-Pack), 2X4 LED Panel Light; 50W AC100-277V 5000K; Dimmable; DLC Listed, 2X4 LED Panel Light, 50W AC100-277V 4000K; Dimmable; DLC Listed, 2x4ft LED T-Bar Panel Light - 55W 5000K - CRI 80 - ETL Listed, 2x4 LED Flat Panel Light, 70W, 5000K, Dimmable, DLC Listed, White LED Flat Panel, LED Panel Light 2X4; 70W 4000K; Dimmable; DLC Listed, LED Panel Light 2X4; 70W AC100-277V 6500K; Dimmable. Outside Lighting 2X4 LED ceiling panel lights present the right solution for your lighting needs. - Sign up for the latest LED lighting innovations, reviews & ideas straight to your inbox. All lights are Plug & Play. Using this method, a commercial installation can have a high voltage of up to 277V, but, this can be dangerous if safety standards aren’t followed to the letter. LED recessed panels are perfect lighting solutions for indoor applications like school classrooms and hallways, office spaces, showrooms, lobbies, reception areas, hospitals and general area ambient lighting. Overview Swap out traditional fluorescent troffers for this 2x4 LED panel light and enjoy long-lasting, top-quality brightness fit for nearly any indoor space. T12 tubes run on magnetic while T8s work with electronic, while older fixtures also tend to have a magnetic ballast. If you are going to replace fluorescent light with LED lighting you must take into consideration the color temperature. Shop shop lights and a variety of lighting & ceiling fans products online at 31998 San Luis Rey Dr T8 tubes are probably among the most common tubes available, so swapping them with the latest and best LED T8 tubes has fortunately been made very easy. These are the newest LED tubes in the market. Happy fluorescent to LED conversion. 2x4 LED Troffers. @2019 - Remember, always turn off the power source at the breaker before opening lamp holders and removing the tubes. While T12 LED lamps are 12/8 and T5 measures 5/8 inches. LED ("light emitting diode") lighting has revolutionized industrial, commercial, and residential lighting with its energy efficiency, easy maintenance and long, reliable product life. Trace-Lite 2x4 40 Watt Back-lit LED Flat Panel - 4000K - 5,076 Lumens - 120-277V RAB 50 Watt 2x4 EZPAN Edge-lit LED Flat Panel - 5000K - 5,500 Lumens - 120-277V NSL 2x4 55 Watt LED Edge Light - 4000K - 6,600 Lumens - 120-277V Why It's A PRO: Cost effective / fit and finish These LED panel lights 2X4 are also dimmable which comes in handy when the lighting needs to be adjusted. We hope it helps you when converting your fluorescent lighting system to LED. All products are available for purchase online. Adjust output with a low-voltage dimmer switch (sold separately). choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, Illuminate your offices indoor areas by the energy-efficient. Description: Complete LED Light Kit for Case/IH Combines Tractors. For lower ceilings, recessed lighting, LED recessed lighting, track lighting and flush mount lights are great options. You can get them in a variety of light colors and various wattages for your individual lighting needs. LED Light Guides is here to help you make an informed choice on all your LED light needs. They work with all your existing fixtures be it T12 (magnetic ballast) or T8 (electronic ballast). These subtle choices are great accents to any room and will still flood your space with the lighting you want and need. Editor's choice: BESTVA 2000W Reflector Series; Runner up: King Plus 1200W Dual Chips. Cathedral City, Lithonia Lighting Versi Single Light 13" Wide Integrated LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture - 4000K From the Contractor Select Collection Model: FMML 13 840 $55.98 But, LED lights have come of age with the phasing out of the fluorescent light fixture. LED 2X4 Surface Mount Parabolic Lighting Fixture - 2 Lamp Included - 5000K Price Each: $157.84 LED 2X4 Surface Mount Parabolic Lighting Fixture - 2 Lamp Included - 4000K Remove the ballast from the lamp holder or tuck the wires away. To find out the exact diameter of your fluorescents check the label situated at the end of your current tube. This 2ft x 4ft LED Flat Panel will "LightUp" your life. The new LED panel lights are a welcoming light to any office environment. LED technology has finally come of age when you consider the conversion choices we have today. 06.It saves 70 % energy than other old led lights .It just consume 230w with 684 LEDs n and perfect for 2×4 ft grow tent and two is perfect for 4×4 grow tent. Sort by. They enable you to replace your LED lamps without any issues. Email:, Hours From solar lights to office lighting, we review it all. This is the oldest way of replacing fluorescent tubes with LED bulbs. The mode of installation matters when converting your lighting system. Although the wiring for this is simple it’s still important to employ an electrician for the task, especially when working on a commercial property. Call us if you have a quantity purchase and need special pricing. These slim and sleek designed Panel lights can be easily installed and emits flickr-free white lights for a better working ambiance. If you are unsure about any rewiring required please use the services of a qualified electrician. Kitchen Lighting for Every Need. Best Lighting (Must Buy 2) 50 Watt LED Dimmable 2X4 Backlit Panel With OPAQUE Lens - 5000K 120V-277V (PNL2X4-50L-5K) by Best Lighting Products Item No: PNL2X4-50L-5K Columbia 45 Watt LED 0-10V Dimmable 2X4 Grid Ceiling Acrylic Lens Troffer - 4000K 120V-277V 80 CRI 5000 Lumen Fixture - DLC Premium (LJT24-40MLG-FSA12-EDU) by Columbia But… converting fluorescent light fixtures to LED bulbs is not always straightforward as the two technologies differ.