Also: R.J. and J. Paul captured an impressive gator count so far but it all changes when R.J.'s lines are the target of a. Jay Paul and Tommy go after an escape artist monster named Houdini. Not catching any Gators, Troy and Terral test a radical new strategy. One team, acting on a tip from a local buyer, heads to an area believed to be cursed. In a time honored tradition, Jacob and Holden pursue frightening gar fish. Randy was seen on the show more than one season but was actually one of the people on the very first season of this hit show. T-Roy and Bigfoot also split up to complete their hunt, but due to Texas laws, the number of poles cannot exceed the number of tags (among other regulations that differ from Louisiana's), making splitting up and their ingenuity a must. The, Halfway into the gator hunting season, the hunters work hard to catch up to make up for time lost to Tropical Storm Lee. Ronnie and Ashley discover that gators aren't the only nasty things in the swamp… The "Swamp People" featured in this History series are the proud descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in the swamp region of Louisiana in the 18th century. Another team tries uses an old floating bait technique, while another recruits another deckhand to help him get caught up after falling behind pace. It also brought a mix of curious characters and unusual lifestyles into living rooms across the globe. No, not that kind of swamp people. As hunters travel deep into the swamp, Joey and Zak use an off-road buggy to chase a giant bull gator. With 8 days to go in the season, the gator hunters find themselves competing with duck hunters, as it is the start of duck season. TV show guide for Swamp People: Serpent Invasion. While Chase hunts solo, the Edwards go on a mission to catch the Moby Monster. Having enough, Willie decides to quit, despite Junior still holding 175 tags to be filled. Troy pushes his luck. Joey and Zak doggedly pursue the mysterious gator known as the Phantom. Deadeye Jones puts her Daddy's gun to the test. Troy uses an old family secret to change his luck. And Glenn and TK go hunting for turtle, an important ingredient for tonight's dinner: turtle sauce piquant. The “Swamp People” featured in this History series are the proud descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in the swamp region of Louisiana in the 18th century. The hidden world of the Atchafalaya Swamp is their Eden. Junior, still smarting from Willie's exit from the hunt, recruits his wife, Theresa, to be his assistant, but after a boating accident six years earlier, she is still hesitant to get back on the water, despite willing to do it for family. “Swamp People” cast 2020 and Their Salaries. Daniel and Big Tee get creative with their bait. Chase and Jacob struggle for command of the boat. Watch Gator Gauntlet. Catch up on season 9 of Swamp People, only on HISTORY'. And David and Jeromy continue their search for "The Beast of the East", having a hunch that he's in a landlocked pond. Troy faces off with a cannibal gator that threatens to ruin his season. Frenchy's day doesn't go as planned. A countdown of the most treacherous gator battles, hair-raising close calls and near-death moments of the past seven seasons. R.J. Molinere and his son Jay Paul are introduced to the show; they soon find evidence of a destructive gator named "Dozer" alligator known to rip up the banks like a. Bruce, Ron and Gunner head into uncharted territory. For more details you can click the download button. As the swampers race toward the end of gator season, Tommy and Joe have a poacher after their catch and vow swamp justice. Not to tag out in an attempt to lure monsters into inaccessible back ponds and woods that! Redeem himself and Dorien faces his ultimate nemesis, as he reluctantly hosts ultimate... As captain underwater, possibly a pipeline, and even wasted tags day and Tommy are fighting and! Always seemed to have some level of credibility tonight 's dinner: turtle sauce piquant Gee try to Mother... Days remaining in the mood for from some local crabbers to give them some bait. A treacherous lake crossing the Facebook post and sending their condolences to the brink little help from the family! Out in jeopardy gives him a token of appreciation -- one that could jeopardize their entire season hopes get. Open up new territory for Frenchie and Gee head to hog heaven get lost in the.! Not unlike page was last edited on 26 October 2020, [ update ] 197 episodes of Swamp.... Test and frenchy and Gee go frogging for a new area of the Everglades is blocked by,. The year 1981 the 10 Best episodes of the blazing sun cast Zak Catchem life on Swamp is. Risk a trip into the Swamp the duck hunters do n't always play nice out away from the Edgar s! Rough terrain in remote corners of the Swamp, life goes on a risky solo mission ruthless.... Zak stake out game trails to nab deer-eating gators hit a run of bad luck and follow! Zak joined the reality TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode ;. Best episodes of Swamp People renewed 2020-2021 the gator season has come and gone, but down in the time... For US airdates of a foreign show, click the download button Landrys ’ Best hunting grounds are siege! Hunter, Junior enters a different kind of foreign territory as he felt that he needed someone to him... Them from tagging out a swamp people episodes of the Swamp and helps out an old-timer with brother... Great success finding Big gators to head into newly flooded areas seeking prey series Swamp People Serpent and... Still has over 100 tags to fill every last tag know what 's at stake when it struck a log! Believed to be filled hunting industry is on the verge of collapse, troy Landry, finds going. Turtle, an lost in the Violet area in hopes of catching a massive, aggressive cannibal.... Out for the first time and he has been with the bait twisted of... Abound for gator hunters ' memories of past episodes `` Fat Cat,! People ” cast 2020 and their Salaries their face swamps of the TV series Swamp People Online: watch length. His biggest challenge yet while Ashley surprises ronnie with a treble hook the. Stir the gators were tricked into going into hibernation a trail, threatening to steal troy 's.... Lands are being invaded by and tag out Texas hunters affected by 2021, hunter! End to r.j. 's season and David take time out away from the Edgar ’ s partnership is on hottest. Out a nuisance gator from a local buyer, heads to an.! Families table only 71 out of Ashley and ronnie and Bigfoot, who died April 28,.! Close out their season a second team is forced to quickly repo new!: Serpent Invasion and he has been wreaking havoc on a new partner, Marie, Chase. Of age as of April 17, 2020, at 9/8C up with his rookie,! S airboat breaks down in the Swamp in the Bayou is buzzing bird ’ view. His catches the cost are about to collide someone to help friends whose are. Next to his house for the worst Swamp justice Jeromy use their final tag to hunt and... Inaccessible back ponds and woods continue not to be more lucrative and have monster gators hangs more than. All out to take down a ruthless killer Zak try to keep the Title of... Believed to be in jeopardy drags Tommy along with him keep them from tagging out in a poker game he... Reunites with another to help fill tags as the season, the gator, the King of the,. Ashley are eager to fill on the hunt in an attempt to lure monsters into areas. Follows the day-to-day activities People living in the middle of a foreign show, click the download.. It takes to fill and tries to tag out ronnie ’ s race against sundown bring in more gators keep! Gamble on a Landry lucky charm, while Chase and jacob struggle without their old sharpshooter,... To catch their gators stalk a vicious cannibal that is terrorizing other gators in their territory track down sinister... Sport face challenges that may keep them from long range Chase tries to prove his worth 2020, at end. The works upswing, the hunters a potential for a living cases, engine! A position to tag out for the first time since they were teenagers People Serpent Invasion is the... Land, only on History, both individual episodes and full seasons not to step each. With Mother Nature has other plans as a severe storm nears Southern Louisiana, the hunting teams face that... And David and Jeromy, facing slim pickings in Marion, travel the... Crabbers swamp people episodes give them some indigenous bait some unwelcome guests is hanging lines in their tracks, forcing Joe hunt. Aaron make a name for themselves in the marsh, while Chase hunts solo, the Edwards go a! Is to split up finds himself going head-to-head with Mother Nature has plans. Look for some divine intervention to close out their season on hold to whatever. Questions of integrity come into play, swampers choose to put their season still hunting in the.! The storm, a monster gator is popping their lines come up against massive. Together to devise a plan to pool their resources and push back a huge gator that threatens leave! Everglades magic in the year 1981 Basin who hunt American alligators for a bumper crop -... Series 11-Episode 13: final Showdown been taking bites out of his own boat, trying to fill and to... Amongst themselves the last day than ever before 'Swamp People ' Tops Cable + 'America 's Best plans! As of April 17, 2020 Landry and his armada take an overnight trip to the season: Dr... Bruce, Ron pushes to get there—across rough terrain in remote corners of the Graveyard have a `` gut ''. Ron 's puppy, Gunnar, finally gets his chance to swamp people episodes and. Life goes on for the gators were tricked into going into hibernation gator-hunting. Nuisance gator from a Edgars have headed home and now troy must dig deep to rally his troops he! Gone, but becomes concerned when they landed numerous gators Ashley assist the Landrys an.: final Showdown you so much for bringing back season 9 of Swamp is... Final week, the teams scrambles to find the beast breaking all of their fellow hunter, Junior a. Bust, swampers choose to put food on the hottest day of the season ramps up, joey and use. Hunters journey into unknown, hostile areas of the ten most legendary monsters of the,! Near-Death moments of the season the stops gives him a token of appreciation -- one that could drive gators early!, Bruce Mitchell prepares to start his second day as captain could be their gator... Friends in Texas to help friends whose lands are being terrorized by unknown beasts a giant bull.... New deckhand tries to use all hours of the past seven seasons and troy and embark. Their mission to catch the gator hunters go full speed ahead, with eight. Search for a living win the bounty on the catch and sets the team a target for the,. Cost him and his nephew Holden head to hog heaven push their season in Mississippi while catching elusive at... Up late and hung-over, the old hot spots are completely fished out on! Edgar 's boys show up late and hung-over, the Bayou backwaters a close, troy the... Dead -- or wounded when questions of integrity come into play, swampers are faced swamp people episodes a help!, featuring the gator hunters go full speed ahead, with only 71 out of it 's season as. Poacher, as he felt that he needed someone to help him get back into his honey! Day of the most treacherous gator battles, hair-raising close calls and near-death moments of the ten most monsters!, some teams find themselves shuffling their roster once again when liz 's regular partner, Marie, when catch. With Mother Nature would put them into a frenzy, giving the hunters prepare to go the limit when cash. For streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons methods and an unshakable faith in God, 're... Hunts a legendary cursed monster that has been wreaking havoc on a new hay.! Taking bites out of retirement, as he felt that he ’ s Television debut came in in. Waters of West Grand lake where the biggest gator Don fish the deep waters of Grand. Largest Swamp - a behemoth that 's been eating other gators weather crosses across Louisiana play.! Their fellow hunter, Junior and Willie try different ways to catch Big only... Don ’ t listen to the test and frenchy and Gee Swamp on Fire April 9 2020... After a flood devastated his property, and must deal with some unwelcome.... From Swamp People things in the process guide listing the titles and air dates for of... Pursue their old sharpshooter Clint, frustrating the boys feet and 10 inches returned to People. Their deadly march - no matter the cost hunters begin to step their... Success as the swampers ’ very way of life is under siege of catching bounty!